The Twins Peek

As all typical Twins, they were born in June 2002. The mastermind behind the team from the very beginning was Aleksandr Judakov, the lead guitarist. It was him, who brought the band its’ lead singer Anzhela Serkevich – an extravagant and inconsistent, yet incredibly gifted lady. During the next five years the band at various times changed its’ member content and “places of habitat”.

Twins Peek

People were coming and going, parting, falling in love…going and coming again. Not too long ago, two of truly irreplaceable members joined the band. The first one was Sergei Zolotov – the keyboardist for whom meaning of life lays in musical harmony. He is a man of mystery, elusive and instantaneous… Then came the drummer, Aleksandr Smirnov, a man with a fiery temper and a heart of a gentleman. And as for the other members, who have joined in recently.. Eugenie Arnieks, the bass player, who plays so good that it blows your mind. And Vladimir Karamishev, who plays rhythm guitar and sometimes writes lyrics under his Muses’ patronage. Later a recording studio has been established in Riga, where the band under a new name “The Twins Peek/Близнецы” is still playing and recording.
Year 2008 brought the band its’ first album, a festival and also a director. In may “The Twins Peek” released their first album “Падая в небо”/ Falling in the Sky , in June they performed at the rock-festival «Воздух» (Petrozavodsk, Russia), in August Sergei Russak, who managed to prepare and organize a series of concerts of a Riga-based band „OnlyBeat” at the „Beatles Week” fest in 2007 in Liverpool, started to work with the band. In Autumn „The Twins Peek” released their first video to a song „Ухабы”, then prepared a new programm with which they performed in many popular clubs of Riga. The bands’ songs appeared on air of many RigaFM radio stations. In December 2008, “The Twins Peek” successfully performed in the “Ro-Ro” rock club in Narva, Estonia.
In 2009, the band signed up on MySpace (, recorded new songs and played several shows in many clubs of Riga. On the 9th of May, the band was invited to participate in a concert near the monument of Liberators, which was dedicated to Victory Day. In June, The Twins Peek/Близнецы performed several shows in Minsk, which was an unforgettable experience for the band and also for the Belarusian rock-music fans.
In autumn 2009, the band has replaced their keyboardist S. Zolotov with a young harmonica playing virtuoso – Nikita Vovniy. That gave the band a whole new, unique sound, and a true blues intonation to their playing style. In November, “The Twins Peek” successfully performed at the 4th international festival ”Minsk Blues 2009″, which headliner was the famous American slide guitarist Sonny Landerth. “The Twins Peek” has an extensive spectrum of musical styles – from romance to rock’n’roll, from ballads to hard rock, from blues to jazz. In its’ tone and mood, the recent songs of the band are inspired by the musical philosophy of “Pink Floyd” and “Ten Years After”. Long musical losses create a rich, deep lyrical tone, which is remarkably consonant with the poetic lyrics and the powerful female vocals.