Mississippi Blues Band

Mississippi Blues” was founded in 1991 by Marek Kędzia (harp) and Mirosław “Miras” Stanisławowicz (guit, voc). Shortly afterwards, violinist Mikołaj Kraszewski joined the band.

Mississippi Blues Band

It became an anecdote that “Mississippi Blues” played their first concert in a whorehouse, thus maintaining infamous traditions of American musicians who used to play in saloons.

“Mississippi Blues” have since concentrated on Chicago and Delta Mississippi Blues.

During the past several years the band cooperated with a row of acclaimed Polish blues musicians, to name just Zbigniew “Oliver” Łaski (Mietek Blues Band) or Igor Łojko (Good Morning Blues).

At present, the band’s leader Mirek Stanisławowicz is flanked by Krzysztof Pomierski (bass, guit), Piotr Góra (drums) and Krzysztof Przybyszewski (harp).

So far, “Mississippi Blues” gave nearly 900 concerts in clubs and on biggest stages in Poland and also in Germany and Sweden.